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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

4X4 Matang-Rayu Off Road

On Saturday 10 December 2011 at about 1:10PM eight 4WD vehicles left MJC Batu Kawah New Township in an open convoy for Sungai Rayu in Matang. 

KN1439 the first vehicle to take off

Stopped at Sungai Cina to get into proper convoy

We were supposed to cross Sungai Rayu and camped somewhere near a stream  in the jungle off Sungai Rayu. But after we crossed Sungai Rayu, the road leading to the jungle was blocked that we could not enter without removing the barricade that blocked the entrance. The team, led by SAKTA's President, Mr Joe Bladae, decided not to engage in unnecessary confrontation; so we decided to turn or cross back and camped at the other side of the Rayu River and would take Plan B (i.e. to use alternative route, which we did the following day).

 Crossing back the Rayu River 

Setting up tents at camp site

Inflating the mattress

We got ourselves entertained with guitar and songs

The food session

The humour session

The scenery when we woke up the next morning 

The crystal clear river

The shower/bathing session

The following day via different route we were joined by tens of other 4WD vehicles. The real and exciting episode was about to begin. But the part about participants was that each and every participant was selfless. Nobody was left to face problem alone. Every hand was a helping hand.

Some of the 4WD vehicles that joined us on the 2nd Day

Some needed to be winched to get to the top of the hill

Some made it without the aid of the winch

Getting back into good shape again

By about 3PM Sunday 11 December we were back to the city again. The peace and tranquility of the forest was replaced by the busy city life. 

As this would be the last activity of the club for this year, we are hoping to see everyone again next year with greater spirit. Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating and a Happy New Year 2012 to all.  

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wong Rembai/Bukit Lesong Expedition @ Jamboree

Participants's vehicles assembled at Simpang Ubah

5 November 2011 @ 8.47AM we left MJC Batu Kawah New Township in an open convoy. Participants from Sri Aman went straight to the entry point at Simpang Ubah some two kilometers from Sungai Tenggang Bazaar. After a brief stop and also second briefing at Sungai Tenggang Bazaar we proceeded to the entry point at Simpang Ubah. There were 44 off road vehicles assembled here with @ Marshall or lead vehicle QKR 9578 driven by Dixion Kuyor. The event's sweeper was Meek Mape in his yellow BJ60.  Among the forty-four off road 4X4WD we also had Eight (8) motor cycles.

Group Photo Session After Tree/Fruit Trees Planting at SK Kranggas

After tree/fruit trees planting at SK Kranggas, the convoy continued the expedition to Wong Rembai

Some of the tents at the camp site

Having shower at the foot of Rembai Waterfall

The cool and refreshing water from the mountain

Trying some stunts but it didn't work hence the winch became useful

Crossing Radak Waterfall on the way home

One of the route that participants have to go through

Participants in motorcycles stopped at Siburan to refuel

Group photo at the exit point after a tough and  challenging terrain

At about 9.00AM on 6 November we left Wong Rembai for home but via a different route. At noon we stopped and had lunch at Radak Waterfall. We exited through Simunjan junction via Sungai Indai junction, which is a shorter journey than the originally proposed Tembawai Enjur route.

Thanks God everyone was home safely, happy and satisfied and of course exhausted.  See you all at the next Rayu Jamboree on 10 December 2011.


Friday, October 21, 2011

2nd 4X4 Off Road Pre-Jamboree to Mount Lesong

Preclude to the actual 4X4 off road jamboree on 5th November 2011, the organiser once again took another trip to Mount Lesong on 15 October 2011 with a team of four 4WD vehicles and eleven crews. The entry and exit point was at Sungai Tenggang. But the during the actual event the exit point will be at Tembawai Enjur. 
Mount Lesong in Ulu Lingga/sebuyau

A small waterfall at the foot of Mount Lesong

Straight to the stream at the foot of Mt Lesong
Crew members relaxing while waiting for dinner to be prepared

The actual 4X4 off road jamboree on the 5th November is expected to be participated by not less than thirty 4X4WD vehicle owners.